For general maintenance requested please click the button below to submit your request, providing as much information of the repairs as possible. Maintenance, unless urgent, is given to the tradesperson by the end of the following business day.

Any cost for damage found to be caused by the tenant either accidentally or maliciously will be responsibility of tenant.

In the event of an urgent repair please ring our office immediately and we shall attend to your problem as quickly as possible. If it is outside business hours, you can either contact your property manager or any of the preferred tradespeople as specified in page 2 of your rental agreement.  You should familiarise yourself with this agreement and have these contact numbers handy if required. You will also need to leave a message on our phone so that your property manager may action the repair the following day.

You will be contacted by the trades-person or our office to coordinate access to the property.

Maintenance Request Form

If you have any issues with your property, please fill in the form below.